Saturday, February 8, 2014

PS3 - Ace Combat Infinity free download



In an alternate reality 1994, the 5254 Ulysses collided with a fictional moon of Jupiter named Polyphemus. The collision resulted in a mass of 10,000 meteors that were expected to impact the Earth in five years. The world's countries decided to construct several anti-air railgun networks named "Stonehenge", which would destroy the asteroids before they made impact with the Earth. In July 1999, the meteors approached Earth. The railgun network was ineffective against the large number of meteors, and the impact event ended in a catastrophic loss of life. About 20% of the world was reported to be destroyed.
20 years later, in 2019, a conflict breaks out between an organization known as the United Nations Forces (UNF) and another unknown faction. The UNF hires a private military company called Arrows Air Defense and Security, and utilizes their Bone Arrow Squadron for air operations. Battles in the main campaign are confirmed to occur at Tokyo, a fictional refugee zone in Russia named Iyuli, and in Turkey, where one of the Stonehenge railgun networks was created. Laser weaponry and a weapon similar in effect to ballistic missiles are also known to appear in the single-player, along with a terrorist group known only as the "Sons of Troia". The player will take control of Bone Arrow 4, whose callsign is "Reaper" with an emblem of the Grim Reaper on his aircraft.



--Part 1
--Part 2
--Part 3



1. Download All Part in the SAME FOLDER eg. c:\download\ all your download part here.
2. Extract Only ONE of the part using Winrar (Download Here).
3. After finished, Copy Only BLUXXX or BLSXXX folder in your external HDD eg. x:\gamez\your
    BLXXXX folder.
4. Run games using multiMAN (Download Here).

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